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I might lost my Love in just a second

Why I say this, because you know challenges for every couple are always waiting there. I might lost my Love in just a second, because everything will just happened in second. This is a post that I written for the big challenge for me and my partner. She being forced marriage. In the traditional Indonesian or Javanese culture, marriage is always a BIG thing in their life. So this is something very interesting that I encounter. I must accept this, but I also need to know if there is any exceptions.

I might lost her, I will be very down. These I know, I expected. But let's stand up, and voice out, I'm not going to surrender with this. Say no to this!

I'm in Love

Long time didn't update a post, so now just to write up something.
That day having a blunt with Wei, then he said, I shall make a documentary about you, to record a year about you. To see what had happened in you during this year. I said, it might be interesting because we are stoning right now, but when we get sober, maybe not that interesting...

so now I am sober, do I think it's interesting? yea, a little bit.
2018, a year of ups and downs. Many sort of emotions has came out from my inner mind.
The starting of the world was best, we had good new year eve party with everyone. But soon Kiat left the world, and leave us some emotional times, as his closed friend, I have to face the fact, and accept it. I then suffered a little on the work stuffs, I had some devil comes from my heart, I lost some focus, and then I found back and downs..

soon. just recent, August, someone comes in to my life.. she is Risa, from East Java. A passer by, and then we fall in love.